How to get airplay on Big Indie Giant Radio:

1. Have a listen to our station to see if your music will be a match. Our preferred genres      are Alternative/Rock. No instrumentals.

     Songs must be in English.


2. Please e-mail no more than 2 songs to

    mp3's must be 128kbps and properly tagged with all artist/song info.

    NO Spotify/dropbox/wetransfer/googledrive/youtube links please.      

    (we get hundreds of songs a week) so we need a quick reference to your song.

3.  If we like your music, we will send you a follow up e-mail requesting more                           information, e.g. social media etc. Please return the favour and Like us on                           Facebook and  follow our Twitter page. This will guarantee that your music gets               shared on our social  pages.

4. Please note we are a non commercial independent station created to get unsigned          musicians heard. As much as we'd like to support artists financially, we do not pay          artist royalties. Songs are played by your kind permission and we give you airtime   and exposure on our social platforms. When you submit your music to our station you     are agreeing to this term.

Our station was created for the love of good original music. We like to build a relationship with our artists, so the more you support our station (tune in and listen/ interact and share on social media) the more airtime your songs will receive on our  radio station.

We look forward to hearing from you!

p.s My name is Michael, so remember to say 'Hi' when sending an e-mail :) 

p.s.s If your music is accepted for radio play on B.I.G. you are automatically added to our newsletter. If you do not wish to be added — please inform me with your submission.

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